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Yonhap will guide readers in the era of new media, with the latest multimedia content.

We are revving up efforts to enhance our visual content in formats spanning text, photo, graphics, infographics and video to become a multimedia-based news wire service provider.

Major ProductsYonhap's
major products

From various trend-leading content to entertainment products for effective advertisements, we deliver news products suitable for different platforms, such as newspapers, magazines, the Internet and broadcasting channels.

News products
We deliver the best news and pertinent information promptly and simply through our exclusive systems such as "Yonhap NewsLeader." Readers can also easily access our reports through Web-based delivery systems, including "Premium News."
People database
We offer updated information with photos on an estimated 200,000 prominent figures in South and North Korea as well as other countries. The information is available at "Yonhap NewsLeader", "Prime News" and Internet portals that have a contract with Yonhap. We also publish an encyclopedia of 20,000 prominent figures selected from the database.
We publish a number of magazines, including Yonhap Imazine, which introduces tourist attractions at home and abroad as well as other leisure-related information. We also publish almanacs in both Korean and English, compiling major issues of the year. Vantage Point, a news-based English language monthly magazine covering North Korea, is also issued by Yonhap. We also have our own publication brand, Yonhap Books, covering various genres from humanities to social studies.
News on the move
We provide real-time and breaking news, cultural information, documentaries and advertisements to passengers on the Korea Train Express (KTX), South Korea's bullet train, and the AREX railroad train, the railway service to Incheon International Airport, through state-of-the-art displays on trains and in stations.
Web page
We provide fast and reliable news via our homepage, which is open to everyone (

Major News ServiceYonhap's major coverages

We deliver various services with speed and accuracy to meet the demand of a rapidly changing media environment.

Domestic news
We are the hub of all news produced and distributed in South Korea.
International news
We are the bridge between South Korea and the world, with correspondents in 33 cities around the globe, including Washington, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris and Moscow, delivering international news on a real-time basis.
Foreign-language news service
We cover political, economic, social and cultural issues of South Korea in foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish and French. Our international desks have grown to deliver domestic issues to 83 major global news agencies, 130 South Korean foreign missions and other key international organizations. Its websites also deliver news pertaining to South Korea to readers overseas.
Financial news service
Yonhap Infomax, the financial arm of Yonhap News Agency, provides real-time news on stocks, bonds and foreign exchanges.
News service on North Korea and Koreans worldwide
We convey the latest news on North Korea since signing an exchange agreement with the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in December 2002. We operate the Overseas Koreans News Center ( to deliver news about the 7-million-strong Korean diaspora. We aim to establish a global network of Koreans to open a new era for the people and build a multicultural community.
Photo, video & graphic news
We provide domestic media outlets, publishers and advertisement agencies with top-quality photos covering domestic issues, as well as a database of political, economic, cultural, sports, entertainment and science-related pictures obtained through agreements with major international news agencies such as AP, Reuters, AFP, Xinhua, ITAR-TASS and EPA.
PR Newswire overseas press release service
We provide press releases of local institutions and companies in English or other languages to overseas media outlets, Web pages and social media on a real-time basis.