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Advertise with Yonhap News Agency

Advertise on AREX Trains

AREX is the fastest transport between central Seoul and Incheon International Airport, traveled by a vast number of travelers and businesspeople from home and abroad. Expose your brand on AREX onboard screens and in cabins and stations.

Advertise on AREX Trains (Video, Print Ads)

  • KTX operates across 39 major cities (Gyeongbu Line, Honam Line, Gyeongjeon Line, Jeolla Line)
  • More than 140,000 passengers each day
Trains Types
All-stop Express
  • 194 daily services (Seoul-Incheon)
  • 105 daily services (Seoul-Geomam)
  • Journey Time: 58 minutes
  • Every 6~7 minutes (Seoul-Incheon)
  • 58 daily services (Seoul-Incheon)
  • Journey time: 43 minutes
  • Every 30 minutes
Stops All stations Incheon Int’l Airport, Seoul Stn
Provides news-focused, informative content ranging from domestic and global news to sports and culture
  • Real-time news service for foreign travelers and businesspeople
  • Multimedia content provided in text form, as well as photos and videos
AD News
/Current affairs program
AD Information
/Cultural programs
AD English subtitle
Experience Korean culture
  • Cultural programs covering Korea’s cultural heritage and traditions
  • Latest information on hallyu (the Korean Wave) around the globe
  • For global audience (English subtitles provided)

Ad Types

Video ads :broadcast 428,400 times a month on a total of 3,496 LCD screens (17-inch) onboard
Video ads
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Ad placement: Between programs
  • Ad format: DIGI-BETA
  • Submission deadline: 7 days prior to launch date
  • * Yonhap also offers ad production service
      on demand
Video ads
Today’s Headlines
Today’s Headlines
Captioned ads
  • Duration: A – 8 seconds
    (11 centimeters in length)
  • Ad placement:
    Type A – underneath “Coming Up Next”
Captioned ads
Print ads :placed in the most visible locations throughout passenger cabins

Advertise in AREX stations (Screen door/Lighbox)

  • Expose your brand throughout 10 AREX stations that connect with most major subway and railway lines.
    (Subway Lines 1,2,4,5,6 and 9, Gyeongui Line)
Advertise in AREX stations (Screen door/Lighbox Ads)

Ad Types

On Screen Doors :Contact Yonhap’s Marketing Department (82-2-398-3333) for ad specs
On Screen Doors
Lightboxes :Contact Yonhap’s Marketing Department (82-2-398-3333) for ad specs

Potential Ad Effects

  • Extra-large in size, extra exposure: Our screen door ad spaces are the largest in the country, giving your brand additional exposure and publicity.
  • For a selected few: We cap the number of our advertisements so that the few selected ones receive the best attention.
  • Best location: We place our ads in the most visible locations throughout the stations.
  • Premium quality materials: We use only the best quality print materials and LEDs lights to ensure the maximum visual effects for your advertisements.
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