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Advertise with Yonhap News Agency

Advertise on KTX Trains

With Yonhap, publicize your brand to a daily audience of over 140,000 passengers on KTX, the high-speed train service that runs through South Korea’s busiest traffic corridor from Seoul to Busan. As KTX’s broadcast service operator, we offer advertisers opportunities to reach a huge nationwide audience by advertising around engaging programs and newscasts.

News-focused, content-rich programs
  • Real-time, breaking news delivered on 4G LTE network
  • Documentaries & Entertainment
  • Culture & Health programs

Potential ad effects

  • KTX operates across 39 major cities (Gyeongbu Line, Honam Line, Gyeongjeon Line, Jeolla Line)
  • More than 160,000 passengers each day

Ad Types

Video ads :broadcast 428,400 times a month on a total of 3,496 LCD screens (17-inch) onboard
Video ads
  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Ad placement: Between programs
  • Ad format: DIGI-BETA TAPE
  • Submission deadline: 7 days prior to launch date
  • * Yonhap also offers ad production service
      on demand
Video ads
Today’s Headlines
Today’s Headlines
Captioned ads
  • Duration: A – 8 seconds
    (11 centimeters in length)
  • Ad placement:
    Type A – underneath “Coming Up Next”
Captioned ads
Print ads :exclusive print ads placed in the most visible locations throughout passenger cabins
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