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Editorials from Korean dailies
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Sept. 18)

    Rep. Yoon must resign Given the accounts in the prosecutorial indictment, there must not be any tolerance for Rep. Yoon Mee-hyang, who had led organizations supporting survivors of Japanese wartim... 07:17 Sep. 18
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 18)

    Rise of non-contact trade : Korean SMEs should expand new type of export aggressively Amid the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic, export patterns are also changing. Korean companies' non-contact expor... 07:16 Sep. 18
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Sept. 18)

    Balanced approach : Pushing for inter-Korean reconciliation should not mean turning a blind eye to North's rights violations During his visit to the truce village of Panmunjom on Wednesday, Unifica... 07:16 Sep. 18
  • #Huawei

    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 17)

    U.S. sanctions on Huawei Time to set up new strategies to brace for change The United States began to impose additional sanctions on Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Sept. 15. The sanctio... 07:09 Sep. 17
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 15)

    Temporary easing Limited easing should be joined with individual vigilance The government eased social distancing for Seoul and its surrounding area by half a notch to Level 2, Monday. It is a lim... 07:01 Sep. 15
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Sept. 15)

    Overstepping the line Ruling party lawmaker discloses identity of whistleblower, branding him as criminal The ruling Democratic Party of Korea and its supporters are coming down on the 27-year-old... 07:01 Sep. 15
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 12)

    Speedy distribution :Second relief package should be handed out before Chuseok holidays The extra budget of 7.8 trillion won ($6.57 billion) has been decided for a second relief package to help th... 09:59 Sep. 12
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Sept. 11)

    Choo must explain It has been found that Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, a former judge, and her husband, an active lawyer, pressured the Ministry of National Defense to help extend their son's sick ... 07:08 Sep. 11
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 11)

    Don't control media :Lawmaker hit for disregarding press freedom A ruling party lawmaker has triggered controversy over his mobile messenger conversation that could undermine the freedom of the p... 07:07 Sep. 11
  • #cash relief

    (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Sept. 11)

    Self-employed in crisis Cash relief urgent, but long-term steps needed for survival The number of self-employers and small enterprise owners going out of business, apparently due to the economic a... 07:07 Sep. 11
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