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Editorials from Korean Dailies
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 5)

    Deflation fears Do not turn blind eye to growing downside risks South Korea has never experienced deflation ― a decline in the general price level of goods and services. But now, concerns are growi... 07:08 Sep. 05
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Sept. 5)

    Not cleared of suspicion After Cho's press briefing, thorough investigations are all the more important Justice Minister nominee Cho Kuk addressed suspicions about him and his family on Monday, tal... 07:07 Sep. 05
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 4)

    'Cho Kuk factor' President Moon ignorant of voices from political opponents President Moon Jae-in appears set to appoint his nominee Cho Kuk as justice minister despite an escalating prosecution i... 06:56 Sep. 04
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Sept. 4)

    Stalled reform More serious efforts needed to ensure long-term sustainability of national pension scheme After 10 months of discussion, a committee on national pension reform last week suggested t... 06:56 Sep. 04
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Sept. 3)

    Warning against recession Time to take pre-emptive action to avoid woes The Korean economy faces greater downside risks than ever before with most indicators showing it is losing steam rapidly wit... 06:57 Sep. 03
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Sept. 3)

    Do not disturb probe Ruling camp criticizes prosecution investigating allegations about justice minister nominee The ruling camp appears willing to do anything to ensure the appointment of Justice... 06:57 Sep. 03
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Aug. 31)

    Truth is the answer The ruling Democratic Party's effort to rescue Cho Kuk, the embattled justice minister nominee, has reached a strange level, with President Moon Jae-in's son indirectly urging ... 09:30 Aug. 31
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Aug. 31)

    No one is above law Top court reaffirms no tolerance on corruption The Supreme Court's ruling in the massive corruption case involving disgraced President Park Geun-hye has sent a clear message t... 09:30 Aug. 31
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Aug. 31)

    Keep close to allies US criticizes drills to protect Dokdo; Japan enforces exclusion of S. Korea from whitelist The US criticism of South Korea's military drills to defend its Dokdo islets comes... 09:30 Aug. 31
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Aug. 29)

    Escalating tensions Japan should be more open to dialogue with S. Korea As expected, Japan implemented Wednesday a Cabinet decision made Aug. 2, to remove South Korea from its "whitelist" of tradi... 06:56 Aug. 29
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Aug. 29)

    Unchecked spending Decreasing tax revenue calls for keeping 'aggressive' fiscal role in check President Moon Jae-in's administration has vowed to continue an expansionary fiscal policy in an "aggr... 06:56 Aug. 29
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Aug. 28)

    Hope for a compromise The Moon Jae-in administration's decision last week to scrap the General Security of Military Information Agreement (Gsomia) with Japan signifies big changes on our securit... 06:58 Aug. 28
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Aug. 28)

    Self-serving Trump U.S. President Donald Trump has continued to baffle South Korea and its people by making remarks that sound like music to the ears of North Koreans. Such remarks cannot be ove... 06:57 Aug. 28
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Aug. 28)

    Heed popular wrath Popular sentiment has turned against Justice Minister nominee Cho Kuk. Proliferating corruption allegations involving Cho have gone beyond what the public can tolerate, wit... 06:57 Aug. 28
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