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Editorials from Korean Dailies
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Nov. 30)

    Face up to history Japan should apologize and compensate for victims A Supreme Court verdict Thursday ordering a Japanese company to compensate Koreans for forced labor during World War II was ce... 07:08 Nov. 30
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Nov. 30)

    Revision, but for whom? Revised bills of commercial law, Fair Trade Act feared to dampen business activity The government and the ruling party are seeking a swift legislative passage of revised bi... 07:08 Nov. 30
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Nov. 28)

    Cops must stand up to rabid unions Korea is often called a "Republic of Labor Unions" due to their unimpeded muscle-flexing during labor disputes and other types of conflict. Members of the milita... 07:18 Nov. 28
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Nov. 28)

    Another stopgap measure Revitalizing economy is best way to help small firms The government and ruling party decided Monday to cut credit card processing fees for struggling owner-operators of st... 07:18 Nov. 28
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Nov. 28)

    Learn from Taiwan Government should start public debate on policy to phase out nuclear energy Taiwanese voters' rejection of the government's phase-out of nuclear power have much to teach South ... 07:18 Nov. 28
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Nov. 27)

    Ask the people The Moon Jae-in administration's push for a nuclear phase-out policy is again raising controversy because of the public's apparent opposition to the bold plan. This time, the contro... 07:15 Nov. 27
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Nov. 27)

    Warning to wired society : Time to take action to prevent recurrence of blackout A fire at KT's underground network center in Seoul last weekend showed how vulnerable the nation is to possible co... 07:14 Nov. 27
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Nov. 27)

    One year on : This week marks one year since NK declared itself a nuclear state A year ago Thursday, North Korea test-fired the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile, claiming its success ... 07:14 Nov. 27
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Nov. 26)

    Unpopular president Moon's approval ratings slips further President Moon Jae-in's job approval ratings have dropped to a record low since he took office in May 2017. A Realmeter survey showed hi... 07:04 Nov. 26
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    (EDITORIAL from Korea Herald on Nov. 26)

    Misguided view Presidential staff must shed unrealistic view of economy, show it to Moon as it is Kim Hyun-chul, the presidential adviser on economic affairs, said in a seminar Thursday that econo... 07:04 Nov. 26
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea JoongAng Daily on Nov. 24)

    Already off the cliff Jobs generate incomes. It is a common theory that incomes are the result — and reward — for labor. The policy of the Moon Jae-in administration to increase incomes to generate... 10:05 Nov. 24
  • (EDITORIAL from Korea Times on Nov. 24)

    End of Samsung case Time to strengthen occupational safety to protect workers An 11-year dispute over fatal occupational diseases at Samsung Electronics has virtually ended as victims' families, th... 10:05 Nov. 24
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