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Hong Jin-young showcases new single

All Headlines 14:57 February 13, 2017

SEOUL, Feb. 13 (Yonhap) -- South Korean trot singer Hong Jin-young held a public event Thursday to showcase her new single "Loves Me, Loves Me Not."

This event marks her first public showcase since she embarked on her trot career with the timeless debut number "Love Battery" in 2009, which has been one of her signature songs to date.

Besides "Loves Me, Loves Me Not," she performed renditions of several other songs including "Hello," a cover for one of the most beloved Korean oldies by senior singer Jang Mi-wha, featuring celebrated rap artist Outsider.

With her breakout song "Love Battery," she instantly rode a wave of publicity. Not to mention the popularity of the song, the commercial Hong had personality sparked press interest which hugely focused on her then-young age for a trot singer and appealing looks.

Following the breakthrough debut of legendary Taiji Boys in the early 90s, uptempo dance music, R&B, alternative rock and hip hop, predominantly influenced by American pop music, started abruptly replacing trot, which had been the hitherto dominant genre in Korea.

The fiercer the bombardment by the strange music, the more youth in general found trot lackluster, and its demise seemed apparent at some point.

However, as Jang Yun-jeong paved the way for its resurrection, thanks to her 2005 mega-hit "Eomeona," trot re-captured public attention, and Hong is widely recognized, along with Jang, as bringing it back to the mainstream, still remaining minor though.

She's also pulled off one of the toughest feats as a Korean entertainer, being both publicly straightforward and likable. Out of fear of vicious attacks from trolls who are out to get anyone caught in their eye, Korean personalities often save their words to avoid calling them out. But Hong never falters in her statements and even makes fun of harsh trolling comments about her with humorous comebacks and wit.

As a matter of fact she has hung up her singing hat and moved on to other fields including TV talk shows for a while, but she made it official, with "Loves Me, Loves Me Not," that she's finally back home.

Meanwhile, serving a solid 16 as a guest rapper on the clip is one of the greatest Korean chopper, or fast rap, artists "Outsider." He is able to spit 723 syllables in 50.26 seconds, while it took American rapper Ricky Brown, holding the title "Fastest Rap MC" by Guinness World Records, 51.27 seconds to complete the task. Unfortunately, Outsider's feat didn't meet Guinness World Record requirements because he didn't do it in English.

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