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Moon's pledges: labor

All Headlines 00:59 May 10, 2017

SEOUL, May 10 (Yonhap) -- The following are President-elect Moon Jae-in's pledges on labor policies.

[Creating more jobs is the best gift for the people]


-- Create public-social service jobs that improve the quality of life

-- Create good jobs by building an ecosystem by developing an economy that takes advantage of the fourth industrial revolution

-- Create a favorable corporate ecosystem for startups

-- Create jobs and allow balancing of work and family life by reducing work hours


1) Create 810,000 jobs, mostly in the public sector

-- 174,000 jobs for public workers, including firefighters, social and welfare workers, teachers, policemen, noncommissioned officers, labor law supervisors, and other jobs in the safety and welfare sectors

-- 340,000 jobs at public and civilian-consigned entities in social services, covering child care, medical services and nursing homes

-- 300,000 jobs through shorter work hours and changing indirect employment in the public sector to direct employment

2) Establish a "Fourth Industrial Revolution committee" chaired by the president to push for change by forming a collaborative state-private partnership for "Smart KOREA"

-- Full support for key technologies such as electric cars, self-driving vehicles, new renewable energy, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, big data and industrial robots

3) Turn the nation into a country of startups

-- Guarantee participation for startups in public sector procurement, set required ratio for such procurements

-- Make the government the buyer and "marketing agency" for small companies and startups

-- Expand monetary assistance, through startup support fund, fund of funds and angel matching fund

-- Scrap the loan guarantee system and improve mechanisms for credit loans

4) Share jobs by shortening work hours

-- Enforce 1,800 work hours a year

-- Comply with maximum 52-hour labor per week as set by the law

-- Downsize the number of industries waived or excluded from the legal work hour law

-- Promote job sharing by encouraging observation of holidays at private entities and use of extended holidays

5) Change bad jobs into good jobs by removing discriminatory terms for irregular workers

-- Actively eliminate discriminatory treatment of irregular workers by enacting a special law and fill permanent positions with regular workers to bring down the number of irregular employees to OECD level

-- Make it a principle to hire regular workers for permanent and continuous positions

-- Have the government and the public sector gradually turn irregular workers into regular workers

-- Make it compulsive for workers engaged in same line of work in the same company to be paid equally

-- Reform laws so that companies consigning jobs to subcontractors will bear joint responsibilities as employers

6) Raise minimum pay per hour to over 10,000 won (by 2020)


-- Public sector job creation: from 2017 to 2022

-- Fourth industrial revolution committee: set up relevant laws in 2017, put them into effect in 2018

-- Country of startups: Seek changes to laws in 2017, gradually increase policy fund from 2018 budget


-- Public sector job creation: requires 21 trillion won (annual average of 4.2 trillion won) over five years

-- Country of startups: reallocate expenditures within existing budget

-- Get financial resources by streamlining expenditures and increasing state revenue

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