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'About Time,' a sweet fantasy on 'time-limited' romance

All Headlines 16:20 May 17, 2018

By Woo Jae-yeon

SEOUL, May 17 (Yonhap) -- "A Moment I Want to Stop: About Time," a new TV series on tvN, might remind viewers of "About Time," the 2013 British romance film. Besides the title, both feature main characters with a supernatural power related to time. One can see other people's life spans, while the other can time travel.

Saying the two productions are not related at all, the director Kim Hyung-sik said of the drama, "When you feel really happy, you want the moment to stop forever. The drama is about enjoying such moments to the fullest."

"It is about time like that," he said during a press conference in Seoul on Thursday.

Actors Lee Sung-kyung (L) and Lee Sang-yoon pose for photos during a media event in Seoul on May 17, 2018. (Yonhap)

In the upcoming drama, Lee Sung-kyung plays Choi Michaela, a musical actor who has been able to see a person's remaining life ever since she, at age seven, witnessed her grandmother being hit by a car. She sees her own remaining time -- that she will die in 100 days -- written on her wrist.

Despite her limited time, she tries her best to live her life to the fullest and become a better musical actor. Then, one day, her life takes an expected turn when she meets Lee Do-ha (played by Lee Sang-yoon), a cranky and timid head of a cultural foundation.

On his part, Lee's life is also turned upside down when Choi enters his life and marriage as he has known it -- a way to have a better social status -- takes on a different meaning.

Actor Lee Sang-yoon said the drama, which feels more like a romantic comedy in the beginning, becomes sadder and more dramatic as the story progresses.

A poster for the upcoming tvN series "A Moment I Want to Stop: About Time" (Yonhap)

Earlier in the day, news broke that Lee Seo-won, one of the drama's cast members, was embroiled in a sexual assault allegation. In order to minimize potential damage to the upcoming show, the network moved quickly and removed the actor from the 16-part show.

"While his character doesn't take up a big portion in the drama, he plays a critical role to the storyline. So we are looking for a replacement at the moment," the director said, adding that the team is trying hard not to overload staff with additional shooting to make up for Lee's sudden dropout.

Han Seung-yeon, a former member of the now-disbanded girl group KARA, pairs up with rookie actor Kim Ro-Woon, better known by his stage name Ro Woon, a member of boy band SF9. The two will play another couple on the show, who are also deliciously in love.

"It might look like a romantic comedy. But as the drama features the fantastical element of 'life span clock,' it inevitably shows people who meet their death and how their family and friends accept or react to their deaths," the director said.

The Monday-Tuesday drama is set to premiere at 9:30 p.m. on Monday.

A poster for the upcoming tvN series "A Moment I Want to Stop: About Time" (Yonhap)


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