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Gov't to change frequency guidelines to improve car collision avoidance radars

Science 14:05 August 29, 2019

SEOUL, Aug. 29 (Yonhap) -- South Korea will change frequency guidelines on automotive collision avoidance radars that can enhance safety and improve the capabilities of future smart cars, the Ministry of Science and ICT said Thursday.

Under the changes, power output of long-range radars using the 76-77 gigahertz (GHz) bandwidth will be increased twofold to 20 milliwatt (mW) power, with new technical standards being set for short-range radar with a frequency of 77-81 GHz.

The 76-77 GHz radar can detect objects over 200 meters away, while the short-range system will take over from 24.25-26.5 GHz radars used at present to detect things less than 100 meters distant.

The ministry said the new rules will make it possible to greatly increase the capability of vehicle sensors that include radar and detection and ranging devices.

"Better information can help future autonomous vehicles detect, make decisions and make inputs to a car in a speedy manner, which can reduce the number of accidents," it said. The ministry added that upcoming radars will have upwards of 20 times more resolution compared to the present, and some 30 meter more detection range.

The latest move comes as advances in technology have made it possible for industries to make smaller and more high definition sensors if they are allowed more 70 GHz frequency access.

"Businesses have been calling for greater use of the 70 GHz frequency range," a ministry source said. He said that the improved sensors, once they are merged with the latest super high speed 5G networks, can contribute to the growth of future autonomous smart cars.

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