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N. Korea's official newspaper highlights 'exploitative nature' of capitalism

North Korea 10:41 January 07, 2020

SEOUL, Jan. 7 (Yonhap) -- North Korea's official newspaper highlighted the "exploitative nature" of capitalism on Tuesday as leader Kim Jong-un intensified his drive for a "self-reliant economy" to overcome global sanctions against his regime.

At a key party meeting later in December, Kim said that there is "no need to hesitate with any expectations" of the United States lifting sanctions against Pyongyang, calling for stepped-up efforts to build an economy independent of external help.

He also warned that there will never be denuclearization unless Washington withdraws its hostile policy and a lasting peace regime is built on the Korean Peninsula.

"As there is no capitalist who does not pursue a profit, there is no capitalism that does not exploit the working populace," the Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the North's ruling party, said in an article.

It also criticized "welfare" and "charity" efforts in capitalist states as a cover for the exploitation of their people.

"Capitalist states are intensifying efforts to cover their exploitation and plundering schemes in a crafty manner but they will never conceal the anti-people and exploitative nature of the capitalist system," the paper said.

It did not mention any particular countries in its criticism but apparently targeted the U.S. as it has accused Washington of a "hostile" policy against Pyongyang for imposing crippling sanctions.

The criticism appears intended to justify its push for "self-reliance" by highlighting what it sees as drawbacks while at the same time soothing grievances among its people about tough livelihood conditions.

North Korea's media outlets have recently ramped up calls for all-out efforts to realize a "self-reliant" economy apparently in preparation for a protracted fight against the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure.


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