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GFriend returns with sassy disco for 3rd full album 'Walpurgis Night'

All News 18:41 November 09, 2020

By Lee Minji

SEOUL, Nov. 9 (Yonhap) -- GFriend is the latest K-pop act to turn to disco.

The six-member girl group unveiled its new title track "MAGO" in a media showcase Monday ahead of dropping its third studio album "回: Walpurgis Night" at 6 p.m.

The album, which succeeds EPs "LABYRINTH" and "Song of the Sirens," is the final album of the "回" series, in which GFriend has shown a darker and more powerful side compared with early hits that were characterized by melodic and cheerful high school concept songs.

"(MAGO) is a song that confidently expresses desire. There's a lot of retro disco since it's a global trend, but we added our signature sentiment to the song. It also blends quite well with our group choreography," leader Sowon said in the media showcase held in Seoul.

A preview of the music video showed the six members donning sparkling outfits under mirror balls, showing off disco moves like pointing their fingers to the sky. It also showed a dance symbolizing a chanting witch, with hands raised up above the head.

This photo, provided by Source Music, shows K-pop girl group GFriend. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

The bad girl vibe was in fact the core concept of the album, member Eunha chimed in.

"If 'LABYRINTH' expresses a child who is confused in front of a crossroad and 'Song of the Sirens' an inner voice that comes to understand the consequences of a choice, this album embodies the voice of a girl who has grown up to be a witch ... it's like a modern version of a festival of witches," she said.

The band's six members said the 11-track album marked a milestone in their musical growth. Some members took part in the title track, while all six members teamed up in pairs of two for so-called unit songs.

Sowon and Umji worked on "Better Me," a Latin style pop song, while Yuju and Eunha worked on "Night Drive," an R&B song with simple instrumental arrangements that highlight the vocals. Yerin and SinB teamed up for "Secret Diary," also an R&B track, where they talk about friendship and growth.

"It's our first time working on unit songs since our debut, which made me a bit anxious but also flutter in a good way. I felt I had moved closer to music and that I wanted to be more ambitious, like (attempting to) write lyrics," Yerin said.

K-pop group GFriend poses for the cameras during a media showcase in western Seoul on Nov. 9, 2020. (Yonhap)

Gfriend, whose agency Source Music was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment, the label-agency behind K-pop megastar BTS, said that chief producer Bang Si-hyuk is a great source of support.

"He helped us break out of our boxes and to try things that go beyond. We feel thankful that he is contemplating a lot on our music and our career," Umji said.

Having celebrated their fifth year as a group, GFriend said they would like to be identified as an irreplaceable group with good performances.

"We were known as a group that is associated with concepts like pure and delicate yet powerful ... We believe that we are growing and that we are not confined by one frame," SinB said. "We would like to become an irreplaceable group that is known as a 'performance queen' or 'performance artisan.'"

GFriend is scheduled to showcase its new album on SBS MTV at 8 p.m.

This photo, provided by Source Music, shows parts of K-pop girl group GFriend's latest music video "MAGO." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


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