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Rising Figure Skater Loves Training at Taereung

17:29 January 19, 2016 replay time01:49

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The rising star in figure skating Yoo Young, who is called the second Kim Yuna, will now be receiving support from the Korea Amateur Skating Union equivalent to that provided to national skaters.

Baek Gil-hyun has more on Yoo Young, who can now focus only on her training.


Only national skaters can train at the Taereung skating rink.

Rising figure skating star Yoo Young, who had to let go of the national flag due to the newly revised regulations, is now training at the rink.

The Korea Amateur Skating Union, following their policies on talent development, has allowed Yoo Young to train at Taereung.

The Union decided on Jan. 10 that they would provide Yoo Young with support equivalent to that provided to national skaters, including allowing her to use the rink during hours when national skaters train. Yoo Young came in first at the All-Round Championship that took place on Jan. 10, breaking Kim Yuna’s record in 2003 for being the youngest to win the competition.

Yoo Young, who is now able to use the most ideal training space as much as she wants, is all smiles.

<Yoo Young / Fifth Grade, Monwon Elementary School> “I feel really great. I love that I can train at such an enormous place, and that I can train with my favorite seniors.”

As the Union is also considering providing financial support for outstanding players, conglomerates are also vying to sponsor them.

In addition, Yoo has signed a contract with the management company Kim Yuna is with, and is now able to receive systematic management.

<Yoo Young / Fifth Grade, Monwon Elementary School> “Yuna is my role model, so I used to see her when I visited Taereung, but now I am so happy I get to see her more often.”

Yoo Young is now in an environment in which she can completely focus on training.

Now all she has to do is to keep working to achieve her dream of becoming a skater like Kim Yuna.

<Yoo Young/ Fifth Grade, Monwon Elementary School> “I want to compete in the Olympics with famous skaters and win the gold medal.”

Baek Gil-hyun reporting for Yonhap News TV.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4409 (Report) 4441 (Inquiry on article), yjebo@yna.co.kr

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