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Floating Ice Turns Han River into the North Pole

17:31 January 22, 2016 replay time01:45

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We reported yesterday that the first ice was observed on the Han River.

Currently, in the lower reaches of the Han, large pieces of floating ice are filling up the river.

We will now turn to our reporter on the field.

Reporter Paeng Jae-yong, where are you now?


I am in Jeollyu of Gimpo, downstream of the Han River.

Behind me is the Han River.

As large pieces of floating ice crowd the water, it feels as if I am at the North Pole.

Up until sunrise, it was difficult to see floating ice in the river in the dark.

However, as the sun rose, the grand view created by this cold wave became visible.

Floating ice is created when the ice in the Han River breaks into pieces due to the ebb and flood at the mouth of the river, where the ocean and river meet.

You can think of it as pieces of ice created by nature.

During an ebb, the ice flows into the ocean, but during a flow, it returns to cover up the mouth of the river and the port, such as Jeollyu-ri here.

As the cold weather came rather late this winter, floating ice formed relatively later than before.

Yesterday, when the first ice in the Han River was observed, there was more floating ice.

This weekend, the cold wave will continue and the floating ice in Jeollyu-ri will continue to be visible.

If you want to see the ice statues created by the cold weather, visiting this place over the weekend would be a good idea.

Paeng Jae-yong reporting for Yonhap News TV, from Jeollyu-ri, Gimpo.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4409 (Report) 4441 (Inquiry on article), yjebo@yna.co.kr

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