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Police Plans Special Patrol for Lunar New Year

14:40 January 25, 2016 replay time00:37

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For the Lunar New Year, the National Police Agency will be conducting nationwide special crime prevention activities, starting from tomorrow until Feb. 10.

The police will first inspect businesses that store the most cash, such as financial institutions, convenience stores and jewelry shops. Any weak points will be strengthened, and they will place emphasis on patrol around crime hot spots.

In addition, when 112 calls related to children are made, charges not only of physical abuse but also of education negligence will be checked, and any abnormal characteristics will lead to investigations.

The police have decided to always dispatch a team when a domestic abuse report is made during the holiday, and to prioritize protection of victims by, for example, providing emergency measures or transfer to protective facilities.

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경찰, 설 특별방범활동…아동학대ㆍ가정폭력 대응

경찰청은 설 명절을 맞아 내일부터 다음 달 10일까지 전국적으로 특별방범활동을 벌입니다.

경찰은 우선 금융기관과 편의점, 금은방 등 현금이 많은 업소를 점검해 취약한 점을 보완토록 하고, 범죄 다발지역 순찰에 주력하기로 했습니다.

또, 아동이 관련된 112 신고가 들어오면 신체적 학대뿐 아니라 교육적 방임 여부까지 확인하고, 이상한 점이 발견되면 수사에도 나서니다.

명절 기간 가정폭력 신고에는 반드시 현장에 출동해 응급조치나 보호시설 인계 등 피해자 보호를 우선으로 하기로 했습니다.

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