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Girl Crush in Pop Culture

16:00 March 07, 2016 replay time01:47

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[Yonhap News 20]


Girl groups used to target men.

However, these days there are many female fans that root for those talented sisters.

This is the so-called girl crush phenomenon.

Lee Gyeong-hee has more.


Girl crush is a term that combines the words for girl and to fall for someone.

Starting with the girl group 2NE1, who boasted hip hop that used to be considered a genre exclusive for men, and Unpretty Rap Star, a TV show that cast female rappers, accelerated this girl crush craze.

<Jessie / Singer> “I have something to say. Who are you to judge me, we are not a team. This is a competition.”

Women, who used to be the objects of degradation in hip hop, give pleasant sensations that break the taboo with incredible talent and honesty.

Girl group members also take very good care of themselves.

The talented Mamamoo, who recently rose to stardom, is receiving more support from female fans than from men.

The girl crush phenomenon in variety shows is gratifying in their breaking of stereotypes.

The matriarchal comments that comedian Kim Sook makes against the background of her financial stability came across as delightful for women, who were forced to maintain “femininity.”

<Kim Sook / Comedian> “Stop with this manliness. My ideal type is a man who takes care of the home and solves problems. How modest and pretty would he be?”

When asked to do something cute for the male fans, Park Bo-young responded, “Why always for men? Girls are watching too.”

These women, who are confident enough to not be suppressed by men and express their honest feelings and talent, have now become a part of pop culture.

Lee Gyeong-hee reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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