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Anti-cancer Effects of Makgeolli Confirmed Again

15:19 March 08, 2016 replay time01:41

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Makgeolli, a representative traditional alcoholic drink of Korea, was confirmed again to be effective at preventing cancer.

Earlier, anti-cancer effects were found in the process of making makgeolli. This time, the anti-cancer effects of the actual components of the drink were proven.

Kim Ji-soo has more.


The anti-cancer effects of makgeolli were confirmed once again.

Beta-sitosterol, the main component of makgeolli and also found in rice, was found to have anti-cancer effects.

Previously, farnesol and squalene were proven to have anti-cancer effects. These chemicals are created by the yeast used in making makgeolli.

<Hwang Jin-taek / Doctor at Korea Food Research Institute> “We focused on beta-sitosterol. Our analysis showed that makgeolli contained a lot of it. We confirmed that it restrains the growth of stomach cancer cells, and induces their extinction.”

When the research team applied makgeolli, stripped of moisture and alcohol, to the surface of stomach cancer cells, the growth of the cells was restrained, and the manifestation of tumor suppressor genes increased.

In addition, when makgeolli was orally administered to mice, to which stomach cancer cells were transplanted, the growth of tumors was restrained.

According to academia, beta-sitosterol, which is confirmed to have restrained the growth of cancer cells, is also helpful for prostate health and improving cholesterol levels.

The research team explained that the makgeolli used for the experiment was in powder form, and that when converted into the makgeolli that people normally drink, one cup a day would be the effective amount for preventing stomach cancer.

Kim Ji-soo reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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