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“Rice instead of Nukes”... Discontent among North Koreans Grows

13:50 April 11, 2016 replay time00:33

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The government has revealed that the effects of international sanctions against in North Korea are surfacing in North Korean society, as the residents’discontent against the Kim Jong-un regime has increased.

An official at the Ministry of Unification has revealed part of an intelligence related to public opinion of the North Korean people, arguing that“there have been some activities in which the unrest and discontent of the North Korean people may lead to social disturbance following the deterioration of their economic conditions.”

It was reported that some North Korean people are making complaints such as“I would bow down before them if they give a sack of rice to each of us with the money they are spending on nuclear experiments,”or“rations are more important than the satellites.”

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"핵실험 돈으로 쌀이나 달라"…북한 내부 불만 팽배

북한 주민 사이에서 김정은 체제에 대한 불만이 고개를 드는 등 북한 내부에서 국제사회의 대북제재 효과가 나타나고 있다고 정부가 밝혔습니다.

통일부 당국자는 "경제상황이 악화하면서 북한 주민의 불안과 불만 등이 사회동요로 이어질 수 있는 움직임이 일부 보이고 있다"면서 북한의 주민여론과 관련한 첩보를 일부 공개했습니다.

일부 북한 주민은 "핵 실험에 쓸 돈으로 쌀 한 자루씩 공급해주면 절을 하겠다"거나 "배급도 안 주면서 위성은 무슨 위성이냐"고 불만을 쏟아내는 것으로 전해졌습니다.

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