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Marriage More Difficult for Jobless Women

15:28 April 12, 2016 replay time00:40

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Due to economic strains, the proportion of women getting married while unemployed or as a student has decreased dramatically in the past decade.

According to the National Statistics Office, the total number of women who married while unemployed, including housewives and students, was 102,915 last year, which was a 4.7% drop from the previous year.

The number of women getting married while unemployed has been shrinking each year and their proportion plunged 20%p last year down to 34% from 54% in 2005.

An official from the National Statistics Office explained, “This is because more women are getting married while working for they prefer a double-income family and also because the marriage age has increased.”

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옛말된 '신부수업'…무직여성, 결혼 힘들어져

빠듯한 경제여건 탓에 별다른 직업이 없거나 학생 신분으로 결혼하는 여성의 비중이 10년 새 급감했습니다.

통계청에 따르면 지난해 가사와 학생을 포함해 무직 상태에서 결혼한 여성은 10만2천915명으로 한 해전보다 4.7% 감소했습니다.

무직상태 결혼 여성은 해마다 감소세를 거듭해 전체 혼인중 여성이 무직인 비율은 2005년 54.0%에서 지난해 34.0%로 20%포인트 급락했습니다.

통계청 관계자는 "맞벌이를 선호해 직장이 있는 상태에서 결혼하는 여성이 늘고 초혼연령도 상승했기 때문"이라고 분석했습니다.

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