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'Outlaws on Roads ' Reckless Driving Continues … 'Active

14:22 July 22, 2016 replay time01:48

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Countermeasures Needed'


Despite the police's crackdown, speeding and reckless driving are not disappearing late at night.

Recently, a male nurse working at a university-affiliated hospital was caught by the police for driving recklessly after purchasing a foreign-manufactured automobile. It seems that the authorities need to respond to such problems in a more active manner.

Oh Ye-jin has more.


This is the Gangnam ring road.

You can see a series of cars overtaking the car in the front.

The cars are going over 160km/hr and changing lanes here and there as if they are racing.

Kim, aged 33, who is a male nurse working at a university affiliated hospital was caught by the police after driving recklessly and filming his driving to show off his newly purchased foreign vehicle.

Earlier in March, a group of people who engaged in reckless driving and aired it live on the Internet was also caught and recently over 70 members of a racing club were charged for engaging in nighttime racing at a speed of 324 km/hr.

There are already over 130 cases where drivers were charged with reckless driving this year.

The problem is that such speedy or reckless driving may be harmful to people.

As a matter of fact, in May, there was an overturn accident where three people were seriously injured due to cars racing side by side along the outer Sapaesan Tunnel in Seoul.

The police have been cracking down on illegal racing from April to June, but drivers are still taking advantage of the late hours to engage in reckless driving and hence the problem is not subsiding.

As reckless and speedy driving is one of the biggest threats on the roads, authorities must respond more actively.

Oh Ye-jin reporting for Yonhap News TV.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4409(Report) 4441(Inquiry on Article), KakaoTalk/LINE jebo23

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