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Court Orders “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Compensate Victims

15:41 August 26, 2016 replay time00:35

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of Forced Mobilization"

Fourteen victims of forced labor under Japanese colonial rule filed a damage suit against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Seoul Central District Court ruled that the defendant shall compensate the plaintiffs 90 million won per person.

The victims who lived in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, were taken to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries logistics factory in Hiroshima Japan in 1944 and forced to work. They returned to Korea after being injured by the atomic bomb that was dropped in August of the following year.

Earlier, there was a case in Busan where victims of forced labor filed a suit against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and won partially in late July 2013 remand trial.

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법원 "미쓰비시중공업, 강제동원 피해자에 배상해야"

서울중앙지법은 일제 강제동원 피해자 14명이 미쓰비시중공업을 상대로 낸 손해배상 청구 소송에서 1인당 9천만원씩 배상하라고 판결했습니다.

경기도 평택에 살던 이들은 1944년 일본 히로시마 미쓰비시중공업의 군수공장에 끌려가 강제 노동에 시달리다 이듬해 8월 원자폭탄 투하로 재해를 입은 뒤 귀국했습니다.

앞서 부산에서도 미쓰비시중공업에 강제동원된 피해자들이 소송을 제기해 2013년 7월 말 파기환송심에서 일부 승소 판결을 받은 바 있습니다.

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