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Ideas Transform Companies

15:29 September 06, 2016 replay time02:03

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Every train commuter wishes for railways with safe and convenient services, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Kim Jong-sung has more on how the safety and convenience of railways are being improved using ideas from employees working at railroads, trains and stations.


Maintenance on the locomotive is well under way.

So far, KORAIL mechanics had difficulties due to the differences in the structures of the original KTX and the new KTX Sancheon.

So, they ended up making a whole new device by improving the original crane themselves.

Their speed of work increased, and costs were lowered.

<Lee Se-jong / Deputy Head of Metropolitan Train Maintenance Team at KORAIL> “What took six people to handle before now only takes two. The production cost was 25 million won, and it has an annual benefit of 48 million won.”

It was also suggested that passengers should be allowed to sit in empty seats for some sections of the journey, even when they do not have a seat all the way to their final destination.

Not only will it be more convenient for passengers, but it could also increase profits for KORAIL.

<Kim Yoo-hwa / Deputy Section Chief at Cheonan Asan KORAIL Station> “We could fill the empty seats and address the inconvenience of passengers having to remain standing despite the empty seats. … We plan to improve the system so that passengers can ride trains more conveniently.”

After witnessing these achievements, KORAIL ended up transforming their monthly morning meetings into presentations of innovative ideas from employees.

Their ideas will be used in actual policies.

The idea of using drones to manage areas prone to rockslides, which was presented last month, is currently a great help.

<Hong Soon-man / President of KORAIL> “We are moved by how employees think of ideas that are better than those from executives or even the president. We are listening to what good ideas are out there and how to disseminate them.”

Innovations based on voluntary ideas is contributing not only to management improvement, but also to the improvement of the corporate culture through employee participation in management.

Kim Jong-sung reporting for Yonhap News TV.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4409 (Report) 4441 (Inquiry on article), KakaoTalk/LINE jebo23

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