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Age of Agricultural Drones

14:53 September 12, 2016 replay time01:24

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Drones have proven to be very useful for military purposes.

After environmental inspection and rescue missions, they are now expected to be used in agriculture as well.

Lee Seung-min has more.


A drone filled with pesticides flies into the sky.

It flies over the rice that has just begun to ripen, and it sprays pesticides.

This task takes a human being more than 30 minutes, but a drone only takes three minutes to spray pesticides over the 1,500 square meter rice paddy.

It can also be used in other agricultural aspects, such as sowing seeds.

<Lim Heon-bae / Chief of Technology Dissemination Section at the Agricultural Research and Extension Services in North Chungcheong Province> “We plan to first review comprehensively things like their functions and safety effects, and then supply them through pilot projects.”

At the Yeongdong Grape Festival last month, a drone flew over the venue to look out for the safety of visitors.

Drones are also being used in various administrative aspects, such as surveying land.

<Park Jong-hyeong / Review Team of Land Information Section at North Chungcheong Province Office> “Because we can confirm more accurately how landowners are making use of boundaries…”

The facts that drones are susceptible to wind and that complicated control technology must be disseminated are some problems that still need to be solved.

If complementary measures to respond to safety accidents and invasion of privacy are established, drones will be used in a broader range.

Lee Seung-min reporting for Yonhap News.

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