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Comfort Women Agreement Should Be a Beginning

16:27 September 28, 2016 replay time01:52

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Uemura Takashi, a reporter at the Asahi newspaper who first reported the issue of sexual slavery by the Japanese military twenty-five years ago, published a book about the aftermath of the report.

He criticized the Korea-Japan agreement on comfort women signed last year.

Lim Eun-jin has more.


Uemura Takashi was a Seoul correspondent for the Japanese Asahi Newspaper.

In August 1991, he first publicized the voice of Kim Hak-soon, a victim of sexual slavery by the Japanese army.

Afterwards, however, his life was not easy.

Attacks from Japanese right-wingers stripped him of his job as a professor, and his young daughter suffered psychologically.

He is also fighting legal battles with the right-wingers.

<Uemura Takashi / Former Reporter at Asahi Newspaper> “(Those who attack me) I think want to pressure the free press. Compared to before, (Japanese) reporters are not as interested.”

Having published a book on the aftermath of the report on comfort women, he criticized the agreement between Korea and Japan on sexual slavery by the Japanese military last year.

<Uemura Takashi / Former Reporter at Asahi Newspaper> “(Looking at the agreement) it was done unilaterally without listening to the victims. I also get the feeling that it says “pay up and that is it.” In fact, this is not an end, but a beginning.”

Currently a visiting professor at the Catholic University of Korea in Bucheon, he emphasized that, for a genuine resolution of the comfort women issue, the Japanese government must start by teaching future generations to not repeat the past.

<Uemura Takashi / Former Reporter at Asahi Newspaper> “Rather, it was the Korean youth who woke up as a result of this agreement. Japan needs more of such students….”

Lim Eun-jin reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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