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Government Calls for End to Truckers’ Strike

17:06 October 11, 2016 replay time00:41

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Kang Ho-in, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, commented on the collective refusal of transport by the Cargo Transport Workers’ Union, saying that “it is an act that poses a serious threat to the national economy, and we demand that they end it immediately.”

In his statement issued in the Sejong Central Government Complex yesterday, Minister Kang added, “the government’s plan for the development of the cargo transport sector, their excuse for refusing to transport cargo, targets small trucks to take into consideration the shortage of parcel service trucks.”

He also announced, “as for this illegitimate collective refusal to transport cargo, we will respond strictly in accordance with the law and principles, and mobilize all available resources to minimize disturbances in transport.”

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정부 "화물연대 운송거부로 경제 악영향…철회해야"

강호인 국토교통부 장관은 화물연대의 집단운송거부에 대해 "국가 경제에 심대한 악영향을 끼치는 행위로, 즉시 철회할 것을 강력히 요청한다"고 밝혔습니다.

강 장관은 어제 정부 세종청사에서 발표한 대국민 담화에서 "운송거부 명분인 정부의 '화물운송시장 발전방안'은 택배차량 부족을 고려해 소형 화물차를 대상으로 한 것"이라며 이같이 말했습니다.

강 장관은 또 "정당성 없는 이번 집단운송거부에 대해 법과 원칙에 따라 단호하고 엄정하게 대처해나갈 것이며 물류차질이 최소화하도록 가용한 모든 자원을 동원할 것"이라고 말했습니다.

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