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Ban Calls for Change of Politics

14:09 January 13, 2017 replay time01:52

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Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon returned to Korea with ambitions for the presidency.

Calling for a change of politics and national unity upon his return, he made official his bid for presidency.

Kim Hye-young has more.


Former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has returned home.

Promising to achieve national unity by disbanding the vested powers, he made his bid for presidency official.

<Ban Ki-moon / Former UN Secretary-General> “We must put an end to the polarization of wealth and conflicts among ideologies, regions and generations. We must achieve national integration. No more hegemonic power or vested power.”

Upon his return, he called for a “change of politics.”

This implies his strong will for power, describing the current establishment politics as divided.

<Ban Ki-moon / Former UN Secretary-General> “Is it really that important who rises to power? We are all Koreans. Having political conflicts divide our society is a national disaster. I think it is time for a change of politics, not a change of government.”

Calling the candlelight protests for impeachment a desire of the people, Ban also emphasized his differences from the Park Geun-hye administration.

<Ban Ki-moon / Former UN Secretary-General> “History will remember the year of 2016, the miracle that the people created in the square, and the good people who united as one to create a better country.”

Although Ban said he will humbly listen to the voices of the people, people flooded in to welcome him, as if he was already announcing his presidential bid.

Kim Hye-young reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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