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Independent Counsel Considers Second Raid

11:41 February 07, 2017 replay time01:39

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The special prosecution team was turned away from the Blue House gate three days ago, and now they are contemplating whether they should try again.

For now, they are waiting for a response from Acting President Hwang Gyo-ahn, but regardless of whether a response is delivered, they plan to complete the task within this week.

Lee Jae-dong has more.


Right after their attempt to raid the Blue House failed, the independent counsel sent an official note to Acting President Hwang Gyo-ahn, asking for cooperation with the raid.

The problem would be solved if Acting Presisdent Hwang accepted the counsel’s request and opened the Blue House doors to them, but should he refuse, the counsel faces limited choices.

<Lee Gyu-cheol / Spokesperson for Special Prosecution> “If we do not receive a reply, we will wait until tomorrow (Monday). After that, we will take follow-up measures.”

There is practically no way for the prosecutors to forcibly enter the Blue House; they could, however, receive voluntary submissions from the Blue House of necessary materials.

This is the method was used during earlier investigations by prosecutors. It could, however, give the impression that the counsel is losing control over the investigations, right before a face-to-face investigation of President Park Geun-hye.

Therefore, many predict that the counsel will once again try again to raid the Blue House. It was reported that, even within the independent counsel, there is strong support for a second attempt of the raid, instead of receiving voluntary submissions.

The counsel has also repeatedly emphasized that “The raid is not a show; it is a necessary procedure for the investigation to collect evidence.”

It was reported that the independent counsel is reviewing strong measures that could indict Blue House officials who hinder the raid for obstruction of duty.

Lee Jae-dong reporting for Yonhap News TV.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4441 (Inquiry on article) 4409 (Report), KakaoTalk/LINE jebo23

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