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First Court Encounter Between Ko Young-tae and Choi Soon-sil

11:44 February 07, 2017 replay time01:57

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Ko Young-tae, who exposed Choi Soon-sil’s influence on state affairs, will meet with Choi for the first time in court today (6th).

Much attention is being paid on what exchanges will take place between Choi and Ko, who has been described as a close confidante and romantic interest of Choi.

Kim Jun-eok has more.


Ko Young-tae, the former director of The Blue K, used to be on Choi Soon-sil's side before he exposed the realities of Choi's influence on state affairs and became estranged. He will now face Choi for the first time after the scandal broke out.

Ko, who was in hiding for a while, expressed his willingness to appear as a witness at Choi's trial.

All eyes are on their encounter, not only because it is their first time since the scandal first broke, but also because Cha Eun-taek has previously testified that they seemed to be romantically involved.

In particular, at her previous trial, Choi requested for “an opportunity for defense.”

Her intention was to question those witnesses making testimonies unfavorable to her; therefore, it is highly likely that the two will engage in fiery exchanges.

At his hearing at the National Assembly, Ko testified that Choi had paid about 40 million won for items like President Park’s clothing. Many are waiting to see whether he will expose other aspects as well.

President Park’s attorneys, who had requested his presence as a witness for the impeachment trial, have also become busy at the news of Ko’s decision to appear.

The president’s side has requested the Constitutional Court to let them meet Ko in court and give him the summons request that they have not been able to deliver to him.

If Ko accepts the summons request, he will appear as a witness at the twelfth impeachment trial taking place on Thursday.

The Court plans to hold consultations among the judges before Ko appears as a witness, and make a final decision on whether they will send personnel to the court.

Kim Jun-eok reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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