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Discontent Counsel Hints at Date Release

14:07 February 10, 2017 replay time01:48

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Park Young-soo’s team of special prosecutors expressed great discontent at the cancellation of the face-to-face questioning of the president, originally planned for yesterday (Feb. 9).

They hinted at releasing the investigation schedule as principles dictate, saying that the president’s side unilaterally rejected questioning, despite the counsel’s agreeing to all of their requests.

Lee Jae-dong has more.


The independent counsel preannounced that they would make an official statement with regard to the delaying of President Park Geun-hye’s questioning.

The counsel first revealed all of the processes that were in progress in secret so far.

They revealed that they had negotiated with the president’s side numerous times and had accepted almost all of their requests.

<Lee Gyu-cheol / Spokesperson for Independent Counsel> “We agreed to most of the requests made by the president’s side, including those on the time, venue and method, taking into consideration issues like security.”

They emphasized that they could have made the schedule public, pursuant to the special prosecution law, but they made “great concessions” according to the requests from the president’s side.

With regards to the media’s reporting of the schedule, the counsel repeatedly said that they had never leaked such information. They criticized the president’s side for informing them unilaterally of their rejection of the questioning.

<Lee Gyu-cheol / Spokesperson for Independent Counsel> “I have nothing to tell you with regards to things like the intention of the president’s side.”

The counsel, however, reaffirmed that there will be no changes to the fundamental principle that a face-to-face questioning of the president is needed.

As the endpoint of the counsel’s multilayered investigations is the president, they believe that the questioning must be arranged.

However, as the counsel’s agreement to keep the questioning undisclosed has led to this controversy, the counsel hinted at their willingness to not accommodate such requests in the future.

Lee Jae-dong reporting for Yonhap News TV.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4441 (Inquiry on article) 4409 (Report), KakaoTalk/LINE jebo23

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