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Hwang to Meet Vice President Pence Today

13:45 April 17, 2017 replay time02:09

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Vice President Mike Pence of the United States, who is currently visiting Korea, will be meeting with Acting President Hwang Gyo-ahn today.

With tensions rising on the Korean Peninsula, they are expected to reaffirm the alliance between the two countries and send out a message on issues like North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

Yoon Seok-yi has more from the government office in Seoul.


Vice President Pence, on his second day of his visit, will be meeting with Acting President Hwang Gyo-ahn this afternoon.

Hwang and Pence will have lunch together at the prime minister’s residence in Samcheong-dong. They are expected to discuss issues of common interest, such as North Korea’s nuclear developments.

After the meeting, they will co-announce the results of the discussions.

The statement is expected to include a warning message to North Korea that any strategic provocations will be met with strong reactions from the two countries.

The government believes that there is a high possibility of North Korea pushing for another provocation sometime around April 25, the 85th anniversary of the creation of the People’s Army.

Pence is also expected to reaffirm America’s defense promises for the Korean Peninsula, including extended deterrence, and provide explanations on the Trump administration’s North Korea policies.

He may also reaffirm the support for the speedy deployment of THAAD and express concerns about China’s retaliations against it.

In particular, Pence’s visit is the highest-level contact between the two countries so far, so many expect that this could be an opportunity to subdue the concerns on “Korea Passing,” where South Korea is excluded from negotiations about the issues of the peninsula.

Prior to this, Vice President Pence paid a visit to the National Cemetery in Seoul as his first stop.

As his father is a Korean War veteran, many argue that his visit to the cemetery sends out a symbolic message about the cooperation on North Korea issues.

Ahead of meeting with Hwang, Pence is also planning to visit the Demilitarized Zone to meet with the Korean and American soldiers there.

Yoon Seok-yi reporting for Yonhap News TV from the government office.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4441 (Inquiry on article) 4409 (Report), KakaoTalk/LINE jebo23

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