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How Will Chung Yoo-ra Contact Choi Soon-sil?

15:28 June 05, 2017 replay time01:43

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Chung Yoo-ra, whose arrest warrant was dismissed, declared her intention to meet with her mother, Choi Soon-sil. How they will be reunited is a matter of great interest.

But they are not allowed to meet at the detection center as the two are under allegations of the same conspiracy charges.

Lee Jae-dong has more.


After being released from the prosecution building on June 3 due to the dismissal of her arrest warrant, Chung Yoo-ra was asked if she intended to meet with her mother. Her response revealed a mix of emotions.

<Chung Yoo-ra> “(Do you have any intention of visiting your mother?) I will go if allowed, of course, but not if I am not allowed.”

Since the prosecution is reviewing a way to request an arrest warrant for Chung again, contact between mother and daughter seems unlikely for the time being.

As the two are alleged conspirators regarding the favors Chung received from Ewha Womens University, a meeting between them may appear as though they are trying to match their stories.

Now that Chung is free, she may attend the court as a spectator for her mother's trial, but that too seems unlikely.

Not only is the public's eye on her, but also if Choi sees her daughter her emotions may be ruffled and affect the trial.

Her attorney, Lee Kyeong-jae, is also known to have told Chung to refrain from going out for now and prepare for a future investigation by the prosecution.

However, since mother and daughter share the same attorney they might check on each other through him.

Meanwhile, the next matter of interest is what kind of attitude Choi will show in court today now that Chung's arrest warrant was dismissed, as last week she wept begging for her daughter's forgiveness.

Lee Jae-dong reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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