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Yoo Sum-na Returns to Korea for Questioning

15:25 June 08, 2017 replay time01:55

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Yoo Sum-na, the eldest daughter of the deceased Yoo Byung-eon, who was the de facto owner of the Sewol ferry and former president of Semo Group, was compulsorily summoned to Korea after three years of being abroad.

Saying she returned because the world has changed and she wishes for a fair trial, Sum-na teared up talking about the Sewol tragedy but denied her connection to it.

Lee So-young has more.


Sum-na, Yoo Byung-eon's eldest daughter, who was forced to return to Korea after three years in France, teared up when asked if she had anything she wanted to say to the families of the deceased.

<Yoo Sum-na / Eldest daughter of the deceased former president of Semo Group Yoo Byung-eon> “When I think about those young lives that were taken, I feel heartbroken every day when I see water. I know there is nothing that I can say to comfort them.”

But she strongly denied allegations of being the de-facto owner of the Sewol ferry and also emphasized that her leaving the country was not an act of fleeing.

<Yoo Sum-na / Eldest daughter of the deceased former president of Semo Group Yoo Byung-eon> “I never tried to run away. All I wanted was to protect myself from the merciless government, even if that meant relying on the laws of another country…”

Regarding allegations of embezzling 49 billion won from affiliates, she argued that it was simply compensation for her work.

Starting with investigations on the embezzlement claims, the prosecution is also looking over ways to pull together a separate investigation team if additional charges turn up.

Whether the probe into the Sewol tragedy, which had been sluggish hitherto, will officially be set in motion with Sum-na's return, is also a matter of interest.

The ruling party is to pass the 2nd Sewol Special Committee bill within this month and continue a detailed investigation on the causes and circumstances of the tragedy.

It is also expected that an investigation on the allegations that Hwang Kyo-ahn, the Minister of Justice at the time, and Woo Byung-woo, the former presidential secretary, used their authority to hinder the investigation will be carried out.

Lee So-young reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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