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Moon's First Priority to Solve is the Low Birthrate

17:09 June 09, 2017 replay time01:57

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The National Affairs Advisory Committee designated the low birthrate issue as a national priority assignment, along with the creation of new jobs.

It revealed that it would make nationwide efforts to 'maintain a population of 50 million,' and that President Moon Jae-in will look after this issue himself.

Lee Seung-kook has more.


The advisory committee's 3rd joint business report on measures to solve the problem of low birthrates was attended by representatives from seven departments including the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Ministry of Employment, as well as childcare experts.

"The low birthrate issue is an extremely critical assignment that can decide the fate of Korea," Head of the Committee Kim Jin-pyo emphasized. He added, "If we do not handle it properly it may turn into a huge disaster."

<Kim Jin-pyo / Head of National Affairs Advisory Committee> "I believe that only when the paradigm of national affairs management that places the creation of jobs as its most important strategy and strives to promote growth, employment and welfare at the same time with a single framework succeeds, this problem can also be fundamentally solved."

During the debate session following the joint business report, discussions were held on various ways to "maintain a population of 50 million" such as revitalizing marriage support policies, creating a children's allowance, reorganizing maternity leave policies, etc.

The advisory committee agreed that a collective rise to action on a national scale is needed, and revealed that it had designated "solving the low birthrates" as one of the Moon Jae-in administration's "Three Priority Assignments of National Affairs" along with the creation of jobs and preparation for the 4th industrial revolution.

<Park Gwang-on / Spokesman of the National Affairs Advisory Committee> "Social policies must be changed to establish the nation's responsibility for childcare, and to have a social system that is friendlier to marriage, birth, and childcare."

He explained that President Moon Jae-in will personally deal with the problem of low birthrates in the future, and that the "Low Birthrates and Old Age Society Committee" of which the President is the head will act as a powerful control tower for population policies.

Lee Seung-kook reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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