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Man Sheds Tears after Murder

15:34 June 16, 2017 replay time01:41

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A re-enactment was made yesterday (June 15) of a man in his 40s who cut the rope that a laborer was hanging by while working on the exterior of an apartment for playing music loudly on his mobile phone.

The suspect belatedly shed tears and apologized, but the victims of the deceased, his wife and five children, can no longer see their diligent and warm-hearted father.

Choi Byeong-gil has more.


Seo, who was arrested for murder, appeared at the crime for verification.

The bereaved family's cries and screams as well as the neighbors' anger filled the site.

<Sound at the scene> "You are not human."

The culprit of this crime, Seo, belatedly shed tears.

<Suspect> "I'm sorry."

At the murder scene, there are ropes that Kim used as if reflecting the lifeline of his family of seven and white chrysanthemums expressing condolences for Kim.

The deceased, Kim, was a father of five, ranging from a 27-month-old to a high school student.

Kim sold fruits as a street vendor in the past but decided to go for a more dangerous job for higher income.

<Kim’s Father-in-law> "He never scolded his children. He only showed them love. ... He was so diligent and kind..."

After news of this terrible incident was reported, people from all around have begun extending warm support.

Funding campaigns began near the scene of the fatality, and this campaign has extended to Busan, where the victim's family lives.

The good neighbors are earnestly wishing for the bereaved family, which was poor but always happy to overcome the sorrow and gain courage.

Choi Byeong-gil reporting for Yonhap News.

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