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President Moon Releases 'Berlin Initiative'

15:48 July 07, 2017 replay time02:03

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President Moon Jae-in laid out the new government's "Korean Peninsula Peace Initiative" at a speech made at the Korber Foundation in Berlin, Germany.

This means that the "Berlin Initiative" was made 17 years after former President Kim Dae-jung's Berlin Declaration in 2000.

Jung Yeong-bin has more.


President Moon defined the biggest challenge that the Korean Peninsula is facing as North Korea's nuclear issue.

On July 4, he severely criticized North Korea for launching an ICBM missile and delivered a strong warning message.

<Moon Jae-in / President> "I hope that North Korea does not cross a line that cannot be returned from. I urge North Korea to give up its nuclear and missile programs, and find its way to coordinate with the international society."

He made it clear that North Korea's suspension of provocative action and its denuclearization are the prerequisites to dismantle the cold war on the Korean Peninsula and establish a peaceful system.

He suggested his administration's five-point policy.

First of all, he urged South and North Korea to return back to the spirit in which both sides hope to realize peace on the peninsula as he mentioned during the June 15th North-South Joint Declaration, and the October 4th North-South Declaration.

He also promised that he would pursue denuclearization while guaranteeing the stability of the North Korean regime.

<Moon Jae-in / President> "We do not want North Korea to collapse and will not pursue any forms of absorptive unification. We also will not seek forced unification."

He also suggested matters such as legislation of the agreements between South and North Korea, conclusion of the peace agreement of the Korean Peninsula, promotion of economic guidance of the Peninsula, etc.

<Moon Jae-in / President> "We will form an economic community that both South and North Korea can prosper in as we establish a new economic belt that has been disconnected by the Military Demarcation Line between the North and the South."

He also made it clear that private cooperation and interchange should be separate from government and military situations.

Jung Yeong-bin reporting for Yonhap News TV.

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