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Eight Months Left to World Championships of Magic at Busan,

15:21 December 01, 2017 replay time01:47

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the City of Magic


Have you ever heard about the World Championships of Magic?

This is a magic competition where internationally renowned magicians participate. It will be held in Busan next year.

A magic show dedicated to the successful hosting of the World Championships of Magic at Busan eight months later was held in Busan.

Cho Jeong-ho has more.


Cards continue to come out of the magician’s hands.

The four patterns on the cards suddenly change into letters.

Then the cards change into pictures that promote the World Championships of Magic that will be held in Busan next year.

The main performer for the magic show was Yu Ho-jin, the first Asian to win the Grand Prix in the World Championships of Magic.

The magic show promoting the World Championships of Magic at Busan just eight months away was held.

The audience exclaims in surprise as other magicians who will compete at Busan next year showcased their magic.

<Yu Ho-jin / Magician (2012 UK Blackpool World Championships of Magic Winner)> “The fact that the World Championships of Magic is being held in Korea proves that the world of magic in Korea has grown that much and that its influence is strong in the world.”

The World Championships of Magic is a magic festival that is held every three years.

Over 2,000 magicians from 40 countries will participate in the competition next year to demonstrate their fancy magic all over Busan.

<Kang Yeol-woo / Chairman of Busan International Magic Festival Committee> “The World Championships of Magic will be held in Asia for the third time. This is a great opportunity for Busan to be elevated as the city of magic.”

<Lee Byeong-jin / Director of Busan Metropolitan City Tourism Promotion Division> “We are planning to establish an infrastructure for magic and develop programs to connect with the people so that they will think of Busan when they hear magic.”

Busan will transform into a city of magic for a week next summer when the World Championships of Magic is held.

Cho Jeong-ho reporting for Yonhap News TV.

Yonhap News TV: 02-398-4441 (Inquiry on article/Report) KakaoTalk/LINE jebo23

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