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Withdrawal of Funds in Virtual Currency to Other Banks Allowed,

17:12 January 02, 2018 replay time00:37

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Deposit is Strictly Regulated

Virtual currency traders can withdraw their money to other bank accounts without going through a real name confirmation procedure but deposits will be strictly regulated.

According to the financial industry, the deposit and withdrawal system based on real name confirmation proposed by the government on the 28th of last month only permits withdrawals from and deposits to the account of the trader confirmed by real name for virtual currency trade and the same bank account of the virtual currency exchange.

However, this was considered an excessive restriction on the exercise of property rights, and the government has decided to allow withdrawals to other bank accounts.

Meanwhile, the financial authorities plan to prevent overheating within the trade market by restricting deposits and encouraging quick real name confirmation for existing traders.

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가상화폐 거래자금 타행출금 허용…입금은 엄격통제

가상화폐 거래자들이 실명확인 절차를 거치지 않아도 다른 은행 계좌로 출금은 할 수 있지만 입금은 엄격히 제한됩니다.

금융업계에 따르면 지난달 28일 정부가 내놓은 실명확인 입출금 시스템은 가상화폐 거래에 본인 확인이 된 거래자의 계좌와 가상화폐 거래소의 동일은행 계좌 사이의 입출금만 허용합니다.

하지만 시행 과정에서 재산권 행사를 과도하게 제한할 수 있다고 보고 타행계좌로의 인출은 허용하기로 했습니다.

다만 금융당국은 입금을 제한해 거래시장의 과열을 막고 기존 거래자들의 신속한 실명확인을 유도할 방침입니다.

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