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Expectations High for Turnout among Young Voters

16:47 June 11, 2018 replay time02:02

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The country's youth used to be largely indifferent about elections.

Eyes are on whether they will remain indifferent about the upcoming local elections, which are the first to be held since the nationwide candlelight vigils that called for change in the country's corrupt leadership.

Park Soo-ju has more on the voices of young voters.


<Hong Soo-bin / 22-year-old voter> "(What do you know about the upcoming local elections?) There are too many candidates to choose from, and I am very busy with my own life like job-seeking, college work and so on, leaving little time for me to pay attention to the elections."

<Chang Hye-ri / 30-year-old voter> "I was very interested about the presidential election, but not local elections."

Voter turnout among those in their 20s and 30s is on the rise, but they reported less than 50 percent in voter turnout in the previous election, lower than older age groups.

Experts explained that they are relatively less interested in local elections.

<Han Jae-hee / 23-year-old voter> "I wanted to know more about the presidential election with the belief that who becomes president directly affects our lives, but the local elections seem to have little effects on us.”

But there is a change in the trend of younger voters being indifferent to local elections.

<Lee Young-dong / 34-year-old voter> "I will definitely cast my ballot in the election. As you know, we had lots of negative issues related to former President Park Geun-hye. So I see people more actively participate in the election."

Turnout for the previous presidential election marked the highest rise.

Some young voters have their own principle in choosing candidates.

<Bae Yoo-mi / 27-year-old voter> "Which political party a candidate belong to mattes of course, but more important is whether he or she is sincere in their campaign pledges. I also check if they have any criminal records."

Some expect voter turnout will go up in the elections as they witnessed changes from taking part in the election.

<Na Byung-cheol / 37-year-old voter> "I am confident that turnout will be higher than in past elections. People now recognize that their participation in any way will bring changes to our society."

Attention is being paid to what impact younger voters will have on the upcoming elections.

Park Soo-ju reporting for Yonhap News TV.


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