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New Trend in Use of Smartphones

18:01 August 07, 2018 replay time01:46

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It is an annoying experience to be haunted by mobile phone messages from workers while you are sharing time with family and friends after work.

We are seeing a number of smartphone services that reflect a growing demand for improving the balance between work and life.

Seo Hyung-seok has more.


Yoo Seung-ho, an office worker, has two smartphones on his desk.

<Yoo Seung-ho / Seoul> "Even after work hours, I receive calls from clients and receive orders from superiors."

One is for business purpose and the other for personal matters, and he often turns off his work phone after office hours.

Various services have been launched for people who seek to ensure work-life balance.

The country's three wireless service providers have offered services allowing customers to use two different numbers at the same time at a charge of 3,000 to 4,000 won. There is a cellphone that adds 'dual messenger' features that allow users to install two same applications on a single phone.

There is even an overseas cell phone manufacturer that offers dual SIM cards in a single phone for Korean users.

Dual-SIM phones can accept a phone call or text at any time, without having to reboot the phone.

It allows users to turn off their work phone and connect only to the persons that they want.

<Shin Jae-sik / Head of Blackberry Mobile Korea> "This phone is receiving more positive feedback from previous models, confirming the latest trend where people pursue work-life balance."

A 52-hour workweek is bringing new changes in the use of smartphones.

Seo Hyung-seok reporting for Yonhap News TV.


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