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German Media Remain Tight Lipped on BMW Issue

16:22 August 10, 2018 replay time01:29

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A recent string of fires involving BMW vehicles is stirring up a huge controversy in South Korea.

But Germany, where BMW is headquartered, is taking the issue lightly.

Lee Gwang-bin has more from Berlin.


A series of fires in the engine compartments of BMW vehicles has become a huge issue in South Korea as it even prompted a police probe.

But this issue was hardly covered by German media, including magazines and broadcasters.

Only a small number of German media reported that BMW issued an apology and started a recall of faulty vehicles.

They covered the situation in Korea only after BMW announced a recall on 324,000 units of faulty diesel vehicles sold in Europe due to the same problem.

The German media has shown a generous attitude toward its auto industry, the country's biggest industrial sector.

German automakers are one of the biggest advertisers for the media, having a significant impact on every corner of German society, including culture and art.

Earlier this year, in response to criticism that major German automakers conducted experiments on humans and monkeys, German media reported that the same experiments on animals are done in China on a much larger scale.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also exhibited a generous stance toward the auto industry, which has contributed to more than 800,000 jobs in Germany alone.

Regarding the 'diesel gate' scandal and air pollutants from diesel vehicles, she even said, "Diesel engines should not be treated as villains."

Lee Gwang-bin reporting for Yonhap News from Berlin.


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